• Es Usted Un Camarero De Hotel Por Habitación? Si Es Su Empleado Podría Deberle Salarios Atrasados

    Es una práctica común en hoteles de pagarles a los camareros de hotel una tarifa plana por cada habitación que limpien.  Eso es perfectamente legal, siempre y cuando los camareros de hotel se les pague el salario mínimo para todas las horas que trabajan.  Desafortunadamente, para la mayoría de los camareros de hotel, especialmente en las grandes cadenas de hoteles, el precio de la habitación no resulta como un salario mínimo.

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  • Are You A Hotel Maid Paid Per Room? If So Your Employer May Owe You Back Wages

    It is a common practice in hotels to pay maids a flat rate for each room they clean.  This is perfectly legal, so long as the maids are paid the minimum wage for all of the hours they work.  Unfortunately, for many maids, especially in large hotel chains, the per room rate does not result in a minimum wage.

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  • Gate Gourmet May Be Shortchanging Its Workers

    Flying can be a hassle, but at least there are usually tasty and nutritious snacks and meals available (not too mention a soothing cocktail or beer).   What most travelers do not realize is how much time and effort goes into preparing those meals and stocking the airplane refrigerators.  In fact, it is the hardworking employees at Gate Gourmet that keep flyers well supplied with food and drink.

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  • Have You Purchased Similac Infant Formula & Other Infant Formulas?

    We are investigating companies for falsely and misleading labeling infant formula and infant food as organic despite the products containing a spectacular array and substantial amount of ingredients prohibited in organic foods. 

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  • Flintstones' Healthy Brain Support May Not Make Any Difference In Brain Function

    Every parent wants what is best for their children, and nothing is more important than a healthy brain.  Unfortunately, unscrupulous supplement manufacturers often play on parents’ concern for their children by offering products claiming to offer various health benefits when there is little or no proof that they work.

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  • Justin Barkley et al. v. Pizza Hut of America Inc. - Pizza Hut Can't Arbitrate Fla. Delivery Driver Wage Dispute

    Law360, New York (August 11, 2014, 4:46 PM ET) -- A Florida federal judge on Friday declined to compel arbitration in a proposed class action launched by delivery drivers accusing Pizza Hut of America Inc. of underreimbursing them for driving expenses, saying the chain couldn't prove that three of the plaintiffs signed an arbitration agreement.

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  • Did You Purchase Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein or Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Isolate?

    You may be able to participate in a class action lawsuit.

    They whey protein industry is a growing and extremely competitive business environment. Super Advanced Whey Protein contains two types of whey protein; whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

    These products were sold in California, Florida and Pennsylvania.

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  • Did You Receive an Unsolicited Text Message from Oakley?

    Have you ever given Oakley your phone number, maybe when you bought sunglasses online or in-store? Have you received an unsolicited text message from Oakley? Did you know it’s against the law for a company to send you unsolicited text messages without your permission? A federal law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits companies from sending unsolicited text messages, or “text spam.”

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  • Rady Children's Hospital Data Breach in San Diego

    Identity theft is a multi-billion dollar problem.  Many companies have responded to this threat by upgrading their security procedures.  However, some companies continue to put their customers and patients at risk.  Rady Children’s Hospital, the largest children's hospital in California, may have wrongly disclosed the personal heath information of over 20,000 patients to non-hospital persons.

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  • Have You Been Asked To Work Off The Clock Or More Than 40 Hours Without Overtime? If So, You May Have A Claim For Back Wages.

    Even though the economy has started to recover, employers continue to cut corners in an attempt to increase their profits.  One of the easiest ways employers can reduce costs is by cutting back on the wages they pay employees.  As employers look to squeeze more out of employees while cutting costs, many workers are forced to work off the clock or more than 40 hours without overtime pay.

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