Justin Barkley et al. v. Pizza Hut of America Inc. - Pizza Hut Can't Arbitrate Fla. Delivery Driver Wage Dispute

Law360, New York (August 11, 2014, 4:46 PM ET) -- A Florida federal judge on Friday declined to compel arbitration in a proposed class action launched by delivery drivers accusing Pizza Hut of America Inc. of underreimbursing them for driving expenses, saying the chain couldn't prove that three of the plaintiffs signed an arbitration agreement.

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Delivery Drivers Must Be Reimbursed

Our attorneys continue to actively investigate potential class action lawsuits on behalf of delivery drivers for Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and other restaurants or businesses.  Under federal and state law, delivery drivers must be properly compensated for gas and wear and tear on their vehicles.  

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Court Denies CFL Pizza's Motion To Dismiss Claims By Drivers

In 2011, our attorneys filed a law suit against CFL Pizza, a Florida Pizza Hut franchisee, on behalf of the delivery drivers.  Although Florida law — along with federal law and the law of many other states — requires that Pizza Hut fully reimburse its delivery drivers for car-related expenses, Pizza Hut systematically under-reimburses its drivers.   As a result, many Pizza Hut delivery drivers are effectively ma

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MDPCE Files Suit On Behalf Of Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers

On October 25, our attorneys filed suit against CFL Pizza, a Florida Pizza Hut franchisee on behalf of Pizza Hut delivery driver, Curtis Hanna, and thousands of other Pizza Hut delivery drivers in Florida.

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