About Us

The lawyers at FBF&G are deeply committed to helping regular people who have been wronged by powerful businesses. We are proud to represent consumers, employees, and others who have been harmed by corporate greed and unlawful practices. As evidenced by our track record of success, our team of attorneys has the talent and work ethic to win the toughest cases.


What Judges Say About Our Lawyers


  1. “…Which I think is significant and shows the reasonableness of counsel,(your)willingness to kind of put the class members’ interests ahead of their own interests and I commend you for that. I know you fought very hard on this case throughout. We had a few sessions where I was trying to get you to be a little more reasonable, but you were persistent and I admire you for that and the fact that you were willing to make this financial sacrifice to benefit the class I think is a testament to your skill and your ethics and your professionalism as lawyers…
  2. “…you’ve all been very passionate about your positions. You’ve been superb advocates for your clients. And you’ve been perfect gentlemen and highly professional throughout and I think young lawyers should see that and you guys have all been a great example to the bar of what zealous advocacy really means, so I thank you for that.”
  3. “The lawyers at FBFG are “superb advocates for [their] clients” and are “a great example to the bar of what zealous advocacy really means.”